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  • Mísia

    “Mísia has paved the way to the younger generation of Fado Singer.”
    - Le Monde

    “Mísia drawing tears in any language.”
    - The New York Times
  • “Through her soul-like, warm timbre the message of musically liberation goes under the skin: She sings in a style that reminds somewhat of Norah Jones. But with cello.”
    Nina Waßmundt, Darmstädter Echo
  • Awa Ly

    France / Italy / Senegal
    “Awas warm Soul vocals sway between Jazz and R&B effortless; afrocuban orchestration meets french Chanson and african rhythym.”
    -Save the Date. Music
  • Elida Almeida

    Kap Verde
    ” New Cape Verdean sensation … ! ”

    “ Almeida’s voice remains a beautiful instrument … it’s an absolute sensual pleasure to listen to her…”
  • Irma

    After her critically acclaimed debut album “Letter to the Lord”, including her chart hit “I Know”, the french singer IRMA is back with her new album “Faces”, which markes another milestone in her young career!
  • Souad Massi

    Algeria / France
    “Without exaggeration, one can say that the exiled Algerian has now become the most important singer of the young Arab song.”
  • Mariza

    “And once again even the Fado traditionalists bow to the hauntingly beautiful lament of a singer who quakes the sweet world weariness of whole generations.”
  • Jett Rebel

    “He is extravagant, completely himself and does everything for the music. Until he drops. Literally.”

    - Den Haag FM


  • Irma at Reeperbahn-Festival 2019

    Irma at Reeperbahn-Festival 2019

    Platin-Künstlerin IRMA spielt auf dem Reeperbahn-Festival 2019 zwei Showcases am Freitag (20.09.)!

    1. Uhrzeit: 17:15 - 17:45
    N-Joy Reeperbus (Spielbudenplatz)
    2. Uhrzeit: 23:20 - 24:00
    Thomas Read (am Beatlesplatz)

    Mehr Infos zu den Shows hier.

  • Irma and Jett Rebel at radioeins Parkfest

    Irma and Jett Rebel at radioeins Parkfest
  • Tiwayo at radioeins Parkfest

    Tiwayo at radioeins Parkfest
  • New at Prime Tours: Lisa Simone

    New at Prime Tours: Lisa Simone

    We are proud to announce that we will be representing the exceptional Lisa Simone in G-A-S. With a new record coming in october 2019, 2020 is destined to become her year. Click here to read more.

  • Neu bei Prime Tours: Marie Spaemann

    Neu bei Prime Tours: Marie Spaemann

    Die Wienerin Marie Spaemann aka Mela verzaubert mit ihrer unverwechselbaren Mischung aus Pop, Soul und Jazz. Ab sofort vertreten wir sie in D-A-CH! Mehr zur Künstlerin hier.

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